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The 14 Best Toddler Barefoot Shoes: Step into Comfort for Happy Little Feet!

Getting the right fit for an adult is a challenge as it is, but what about toddler barefoot shoes? A lot of people hesitate about what design and size will work for their children without any harm and discomfort in the long run. 

Given there are lots of adults who haven’t worn a single pair of correct and doctor-approved shoes, learning from their mistakes is of vital importance in this case. This guide will serve you well — it is an overview of efficient and affordable barefoot shoes for toddlers.

Don’t let claw toes, bunions, and other “presents” of wrongly sized shoes damage your kid’s health. Onwards!

Are Wide Toe Box Shoes for Toddlers a Good Idea?

Instead of depending on what fashion trends say about styling footwear for boys and girls, it is a more well-thought-out approach to focus on designs that are rather functional than purely aesthetic. Among neutral options and those for stability and mobility consider your child’s age and whether they can already walk properly.

Toddler barefoot shoes are an excellent know-how for interested parties searching for hassle-free shopping experiences without quality-related compromises. A typical pair of natural shoes for children offers everything they need for healthy growth — flexible materials, correct grip, zero drop, and wide-toe boxes.

Top-Notch Brands of Toddler Barefoot Shoes

Your journey into a marvelous universe of comfortable and functional footwear for your kids starts now! It is crucial to ensure the design quality since the wrong choice might have negative and commonly irreversible effects on the overall shape of the foot and how a toddler walks and feels during physical activities. 

In the list below, there are renowned brands of wide toe box shoes for toddlers. Based on our readers’ reviews, these companies stay true to their values and missions to produce exclusive footwear for children for any taste, budget, and demand.

Let’s take a closer look at what models can satisfy your shopping goals. Mind the gap!


Groundies Toddler Shoes


  • Elastic materials with accurate and durable lining
  • A huge palette of colors and textures, including pastels and multi-shaded designs
  • Thirty-day return policy
  • Fast delivery
  • A bunch of additional accessories to choose from — insoles, correct toes, wide-toe box socks, etc.


  • No winter shoes for kids

For people who don’t know how to choose the right footwear for their toddlers, the customer-friendly support team at Groundies is an exclusive expert to reach. The prices range from €70 to €100 ($75 to $110), which are pretty average in the market. Double-stitched heel counters level up the quality of these products, as well as convenient pull tabs for easy slip-on.


Saguaro Toddler Shoes


  • 10%-off for new customers
  • Affordable shoes for every budget, starting at around $40 per pair
  • Exclusive winter, summer, sports, and other designs for a child
  • Bright and playful models for safe children’s activities
  • Thirty-day return guarantee


  • No Freight-to-Collect services

At the Saguaro store, you can find everything you need to maximize your child’s foot freedom and provide the best comfort possible. We especially like its 2023 new arrivals — it includes a lot of magnificent models for sports and casual experiences. Built on thin soles, they are flexible in any footwear format.

Lex Barefoot Shoes

Lex Barefoot Toddler Shoes


  • Moisture resistance
  • Comfy and cute shoes
  • Flexible construction with flat soles
  • Machine-washable products
  • Velcro and other mechanisms for easy put-on and off


  • A limited collection of barefoot products

The Lex Barefoot online shop is a nice destination for parents interested in convenient and durable shoes for summer, spring, and autumn activities. Although the presented variety won’t be sufficient for colder weather, the overall construction principle is worth trying in real life. Their marketing strategy is good too, letting us be aware of exclusive offers and discounts.

Happy Little Soles

Happy Little Soles Toddler Shoes


  • A wonderful assortment of colorful and durable shoes for kids
  • Barefoot shoes in different styles, including winter- and summer-optimized designs
  • A certified and rewarded brand in the market
  • An advantageous loyalty program for regular clients


  • No sufficient shoes for babies
  • No free returns for US orders (for UK purchases only)

The Happy Little Soles selection of shoes stands out with its so-called school category — here you can locate any type of footwear for boys and girls. The price tags vary, but the overall concept is budget-friendly. If you pay attention to sales and discounts, your shopping at the store will be especially prominent. Of course, this quality is worth it.


FeelGrounds Toddler Shoes


  • An incredible level of slip and moisture resistance
  • A rich collection of models for boys and girls to cater to any style
  • Universal and custom models at your disposal
  • The catalog includes casual, sports, summer, and other models


  • There might be issues with using the gift card service on the website

At FeelGrounds, natural shoes for toddlers are aimed at delivering the purest feeling of barefoot walking with no sense of discomfort. Soft and sustainable materials are pleasant to the touch and showcase how the brand cares for its little customers. It is better to start with barefoot footwear right away since the transition from non-flexible options with high volumes might take time.

Bubbly Toes

Bubbly Toes Toddler Shoes


  • Efficient and lovely company of barefoot shoes for toddlers
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Sustainable production technologies
  • Flat soles and custom designs


  • A bit complicated return process

Take a glance at marvelous minimalist shoe options at Bubbly Toes — how lovely and charming they are. If you are searching for functionality and stylish efficiency at an affordable price, that’s when this company comes in. Shoelaces and Muffik textured floor mats are special features of the analyzed production strategy.

Our readers frequently highlight how fantastic the brand’s customer service is. Its representatives will guide you through different points of your customer journey on the site and can provide extra photos of the target pair for an in-depth analysis.

Be Lenka

Be Lenka Toddler Shoes


  • A huge palette of sizes, colors, textures, and designs
  • Flexible soles and durable outsoles
  • Convenient solutions for one-fits-all-needs shopping
  • Advanced production technologies with children’s health in mind — DeepGrip, KidsUltraGrip, and KidsComfort


  • Limited dressy and sports designs

The store’s catalog is rich in high-end barefoot shoes for children. They are known for such special features as ultra-flexible soles and lightweight models — everything to deliver an extraordinary level of comfort for all-day wear.

The collection of shoes at Be Lenka includes:

  • snow boots;
  • low-cut models;
  • sneakers;
  • all-year designs;
  • winter shoes;
  • maintenance and care means.

With the range of prices from $50 to $125 on average, you can purchase practical and durable footwear in any color and style. Wide-toe boxes, precise fits, and relatively low volumes are the distinguishing features of the shoe catalog at Be Lenka.


Vivobarefoot Toddler Shoes


  • Uniform options at budget-friendly prices
  • Money-back guarantee
  • An amazing functional profile of footwear — water, sports, and other types of shoes suitable for different activities


  • No suitable footwear for babies
  • A highly volatile catalog with seasonal items coming and going

The variety of wide toe box shoes for toddlers at Vivobarefoot is second to none. The store presents these categories for a quick and efficient search for the right model:

  • outdoor options;
  • designs for school;
  • everyday wear;
  • mini me;
  • sale.

As you can guess, here you can find models with a traditional sense of magic and fairytales for kids and those satisfying their urge to be close and similar to their parents. From universal all-day wear for little boys and girls to bright and colorful options, every offer is aesthetically appealing.


Wildling Toddler Shoes


  • Sustainable and multifunctional designs
  • A great selection of durable and water-resistant models
  • Comfortable and lightweight all-day products for children
  • Free shipping for orders above €200 (around $215)


  • Limited diversity and functionality of products

Along with ensuring footwear health benefits for little angels, the main company’s focus in production is sustainability. You can locate several vegan options on the virtual shelves of Wildling. They present a great selection of must-have shoes for winter seasons, including both indoor and outdoor models.

Japanese paper shoes are the distinguishing trait of the collection. This material stands out in terms of surface repair and protection opportunities. It might be a bit less durable than traditional solutions, but it is a worthy product to enrich your kid’s wardrobe.


Splay Toddler Shoes


  • No arch in footwear layouts
  • Numerous styles and colors available in the catalog of shoes for any season
  • Flexible and comfy


  • A limited palette of sizes, which won’t work for infants and babies

For those interested in barefoot wide toe box shoes for toddlers, the Splay assortment is worth considering. As our readers highlight, its products are amazing for daily wear. You can find gorgeous designs for narrow and wide feet with the right splay to avoid any health-related risks.

Made out of cotton canvas as one of the leading materials, the overall design guarantees a great level of breathability and comfort for a child’s gaming time and comfortable fun. What’s more, if the size doesn’t fit, it is possible to return the item — this service is free of charge for customers from the USA.

Magical Shoes

Magical Shoes Toddler Shoes


  • Handmade
  • Well-thought-out designs for maximum comfort
  • A bunch of options with elastic and velcro closures
  • A wide variety of sizes for kids, including babies
  • Minimalist shoes


  • High volume in some cases

This collection can satisfy the most demanding shopping requests for a reason. At Magical Shoes, enthusiasts can effortlessly locate the best features of wide toe shoes for toddlers in one pair:

  • zero drop shoes for natural posture;
  • ultralight materials;
  • high-end flexibility;
  • natural shoes with wide-toe boxes to prevent any discomfort, pain, and deformation.

All in all, such shoes are amazingly comfortable and can serve as all-day and all-year wear for children. Given how active toddlers are, it is a must-have catalog to check. Our team finds its selection of models modern, safe, and convenient for running, walking, and other ways little boys and girls might have fun.


Mukishoes Toddler Shoes


  • Top-notch flexibility for everyday wear and comfort
  • Varied options with natural shoe qualities, including extra wide toe boxes for special needs
  • Charming designs for boys and girls


  • The low stock of some models
  • Seasonal availability of footwear
  • No baby sizes

The assortment at the Mukishoes store is regularly updated, which means you can satisfy your need for divergent and versatile designs at a relatively cheap price range. These models will work for casual activities and impress you with their lovely beauty. For those seeking classic, minimalist, bright, or universal designs, this online shop is the right choice.


JBrds Toddler Shoes


  • The right fit that is perfect for babies and toddlers
  • All-day footwear with silhouettes for healthy foot development
  • Secure fit


  • Specialized in footwear for toddlers, so it lacks the variety for more mature kids
  • No water-resistant designs

It is a wonderful place to find a stunning pair of shoes for your child — cloud-like comfort comes hand in hand with zero drop, wide-toe boxes, and other natural shoe features. They are easy to take care of since they are machine-washable. At the same time, JBrds cooperates with pediatrists to develop new styles and designs of their products — high-end quality guaranteed.


BGreater Toddler Shoes


  • Optimal designs for natural foot development of a toddler
  • Stylish school footwear layouts
  • Charming design elements
  • A stunning palette of pastel and bright colors
  • Budget-friendly prices, starting at around £30 ($35)


  • There might be slight issues with the speed of delivery and order-placing processes

Our team considers the BGreater store a fantastic choice for shopping for anatomic barefoot trainers. They are extremely comfy and won’t damage after the first running experience of a kid. Since insoles are easily removable, you can optimize the wearing journey to what is more convenient for your child.

Another reason why they are so comfortable lies in sensory mats and the high standards of production technologies. Soft, sustainable, and strong materials are an amazing bonus. What’s more, we see that their quality stands the test of time — some of our readers are regulars and don’t regret shopping there.

The Best Foot-Measuring Practices for Beginners

Here are some nice ways to complete the challenge and get precise results:

  • The first concept is classic for both children and adults. All you need to get started is a piece of paper, a measuring tape, and a pencil. However, instead of letting your kid stay on the paper, you can put it against the wall and slightly press their foot to draw its silhouette.
  • Another variation of the approach above tells us just to let a child’s back of the heel reach the end of the paper and mark the end-of-the-toes area.
  • Using specialist measuring tools for older kids is a win-win scenario. While getting correct measurements, you also offer an entertaining experience for your child.

It is better to consider the size of the foot rather than the size of shoes that fit well. The ground for that lies in the ever-changing dimensions of children’s feet. Besides, taking a glance at your kid’s feet helps you see how wide shoes you require. Don’t forget to visit pediatrists for regular checks and see whether there are any other issues to address (flat feet, etc.).

The Risks of Having Too Small and Too Big Shoes: Toddler Edition

With wide toe box shoes for toddlers, you can take the child’s comfort and convenience for granted. On the contrary, it is also crucial to consider the perfect-match length of footwear. Use a thumb to define whether there is any room left in the target shoes. Otherwise, toddler barefoot shoes of the wrong size may increase the risk of hallux valgus and toe deformation.

Other negative scenarios may also take place:

  • redness;
  • blistering;
  • heel pain, and so on.

If you see your kid’s shoes tear and wear ahead of time, it is better to consider remeasuring their feet and checking whether the fit you already have serves your purpose at the moment.

Consider what happens if toddler barefoot shoes are too big:

  • They increase the risk of hindering, falling, and related harm done in turn.
  • Compared to slightly smaller shoes, having a bit bigger pair is a more advantageous scenario. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean a gap of a few centimeters (0.7 inches) is acceptable.

Relying on what your kid says isn’t a panacea either. Children might not understand how they feel in the target footwear because they can get distracted by other emotions, especially those under ten years old. Doctors recommend toddler barefoot shoes with a gap of 0.5 centimeters (0.19 inches).

Wrapping Up

Don’t get discouraged if your first attempt to buy a suitable pair of toddler barefoot shoes is a failure. Following the tips from this guide and selecting models from renowned brands, you will surely streamline your shopping adventure. Zero drops, flexible designs, breathable and durable materials, and wide-toe box footwear with natural silhouettes are must-haves for youngsters.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Share your life hacks on measuring children’s feet and selecting the right options for their walking and running. Welcome to the comment section below!


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