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Best Cheap Barefoot Shoes — Good Rumpelstiltskin for Any Need

No need to follow this fairy tale’s scenario to get what you want — an affordable pair of boots or sandals for casual wear. Instead of pursuing easy designs, modern manufacturers advance their performance ranges and don’t let their pricing policies skyrocket. Of course, you should level up your shopping and market research proficiency to successfully locate this needle in the haystack.

In this guide, we want to explore the potential of cheap minimalist shoes and their genuine value for people of any gender and age. Let’s find out why this sector of the industry can open a golden age of comfort and natural movement for your needs. Onwards!

Why Affordable Barefoot Shoes Are Worth It?

Traditional Shoes VS Barefoot Shoes

In a nutshell, the answer is straightforward — you enjoy the comfort and freedom of movement natural footwear presents at a cheap price. Is there more to it? Now is the moment to dig in and find out:

  • It lets you experiment with styles and designs frequently. For instance, if you like Chelsea boots in tan and black, you can easily afford both. It will help you create personalized outfits for any occasion.
  • It is a nice choice for children. Since their feet are growing, buying expensive models now and then may break your household’s bank. To meet your budget limits, stick to cheap barefoot shoes. With zero-drop and wide-toe-box layouts, they guarantee freedom of movement and secure toe and foot development without medical conditions and physical deformations.

Budget Barefoot Shoes for Him and Her: What Brands Won’t Rip You Off

In our expertise, cheap isn’t synonymous with poor quality. The reality is quite the opposite — the current market offers hundreds and thousands of models that are durable, beautiful, and affordable. If you want to discover the best inexpensive designs without sticking to fast-fashion deals solely, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s analyze how exclusive the industry of cheap barefoot shoes is.

Alpine Trek

Alpine Trek Cheap Barefoot Shoes


  • Stunning outdoor shoes for men, children, and women
  • Affordable and versatile footwear collections
  • Breathable and durable materials
  • Secure fit with barefoot comfort


  • Free delivery for orders above $95 (£75)

At Alpine Trek, it is easy to find stunning winter and casual shoes for both young and mature fashionistas. The prices start at around $35 per pair (£28). With customs fees included in the price, international delivery from this UK-based store won’t be a problem — you will know how much you will pay for excellent shoes without hidden charges.

Aside from a one-hundred-day return policy, we also appreciate vegan footwear designs. Although the variety of colors per model is pretty limited, selecting a nice option in blue, purple, green, and other shades is still possible.

Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes Cheap Barefoot Shoes


  • Affordable barefoot shoes for numerous physical activities and entertainment
  • Warranties and guarantees from the brand
  • Detailed size charts and a special shoe finder quiz
  • Partnerships with companies like Los Angeles Times, National Geographic, and NBC


  • You need to be careful to order from the right site (both international and UK-based platforms)

The collection of shoes is second to none. Our team likes how simple it is to find hiking shoes for men and elegant sandals for women at the same store. Overall, Xero Shoes’ versatile production technologies allow for custom footwear like huarache-style sandals, footwear for water activities, lifestyle shoes, trail boots, and so on.

To sum up, every model on the platform stands out thanks to these features:

  • natural motion thanks to a well-thought-out construction and its general agility and flexibility;
  • natural feel with excellent sensational feedback and stimulation;
  • natural fit thanks to foot-shaped, zero-drop, and wide-toe-box designs.


Stunahome Cheap Barefoot Shoes


  • Shoes, seasonal essentials, and accessories for men and women
  • Cheap minimalist shoes, including unisex models
  • Great seasonal discounts — up to 50% off and above
  • Customer-oriented support and care from the brand
  • Free returns and exchanged for orders
  • Secure payment methods such as Discover, PayPal, and Visa


  • Free shipping for orders over $50 (£40)

Here are some compelling reasons why offers from Stunahome are so attention-grabbing:

  • An amazing selection of versatile minimalist shoes — the collection includes models that are awesome in terms of their aesthetic appeal and durability. We appreciate affordable models for professional athletes and sportsmen. Available in several sizes and colors, such designs for powerlifting, gym, and hiking are exceptional.
  • Cheap prices — with regular sales, it won’t be challenging to locate a product at less than $35 (£28).
  • Flexible soles — of course, the barefoot comfort is guaranteed. With flexible and thin soles, these models present wonderful sensational feedback and promote foot muscle strength and natural movement.

What’s more, we find the company’s sincerity appealing. When you check the customers’ reviews on the site, it is simple to understand what we mean — the true-to-size fit, zero drop efficiency, breathable materials, and high-end durability speak for themselves.


Saguaro Cheap Barefoot Shoes


  • Top-notch special deals
  • Marvelous water shoes with barefoot efficiency in mind
  • The website accepts payments in USD, AUD, CAD, NZD, and several other currencies
  • Return and experience guarantee
  • Advanced logistics for secure international orders, shipped by DHL and other companies


  • Slightly complicated navigation on the website

Not only can you shop for cheap barefoot shoes without difficulty, but you will also satisfy free shipping conditions right away — available for orders over $18. At Saguaro, the price range starts at $45 per pair. By subscribing to the brand’s newsletter, you can get additional discounts and make the purchase even more budget-friendly.

The store is known for its casual barefoot shoes. We especially love its models for kids — zero drop and thin sole comfort for any occasion. Take a look at Kid’s Vitality and Kid’s Agile collections.


FeelGrounds Cheap Barefoot Shoes


  • Budget-friendly international shipping
  • Amazing shoes for kids and adults
  • Thin outsoles and flexible soles for natural motion and freedom of movement
  • A broad range of materials and designs for every need


  • Not true-to-size fit for closed-shoe models

FeelGrounds’s warehouse and main office are located in Germany. To our surprise, it doesn’t negatively influence the speed of delivery — we ordered its shoes a few times and were pretty satisfied with the brand’s service and support. Its footwear collection is extraordinary, and we would like to highlight a few specialties the FeelGrounds company offers:

  • extra insulation for cold seasons;
  • minimized risk of injuries in cheap barefoot shoes — even without dominant arch support in boots and high-tops;
  • elegant low-tops and slip-ons for ladies and gentlemen;
  • carbon-neutral deliveries (thanks to the cooperation with Shopify Planet);
  • no hidden payments — customs duties and taxes are calculated and included in the final cost.


Sundried Cheap Barefoot Shoes


  • Informative blog about barefoot running shoes for men and women]
  • Free returns (provided the conditions are met)
  • Recyclable product packaging
  • Audited and quality-approved by SMETA


  • A limited selection of budget barefoot shoes
  • The website isn’t instantly responsive

The prices start at around $50, but subscribing to the company’s newsletter will provide more exclusive offers and early access to new arrivals on the platform. At Sundried, people will locate a gorgeous assortment of sports shoes for any training purpose — hiking, running, and so on.

What we especially like about Sundried is its community. It is super friendly and cheerful. At the same time, the company itself doesn’t lag — its charity initiatives are worth paying attention to. The team works with local and international organizations, including Trust Links and Water for Kids.

Last but not least, the brand’s tool stack is something mind-blowing at such affordable prices. Their products are made of recycled fabrics, which skyrockets their eco-friendly value. Besides, these materials stand out thanks to the in-built temperature-control mechanics, multi-way stretch, and sweat-wicking.


Splay Cheap Barefoot Shoes


  • It supports numerous currencies, including USD, EUR, JPY, etc.
  • Informative sizing conversion chart with crucial details like insole width and length
  • Easy return conditions (provided the shipping return deadlines are met)
  • Intuitive maintenance and care recommendations


  • Limited sorting and filtering functionality
  • No free shipping

Splay Athletics creates reasonably priced models. Not only are they pretty affordable for any budget, but they are also super flexible and breathable. Our team instantly fell in love with cheap minimalist shoes made of cotton canvas uppers — a convenient casual style for multiple occasions.

Its children’s catalog includes the most advantageous deals — with prices starting at $45. We’ve become Splay Children’s Explore for simple and clean styles, which are excellent in terms of their universal appeal. Of course, we couldn’t but mention its flexible and thin outer soles and wide-toe box constructions.


Barebarics Cheap Barefoot Shoes


  • Regular sales — easily up to 30% off and beyond
  • Next-gent urban style for him and her
  • A glorious collection of vegan and water-resistant designs
  • A relatively new player in the market with dozens of inspiring footwear designs and style ideas


  • Not the cheapest catalog on the list

Although these aren’t regular cheap barefoot shoes for any budget, the balance of quality and value is amazing. You can get a year-round pair at around $100, but it will last for several seasons in a row (checked and verified by our in-house hiking enthusiasts). In our opinion, such a complex combination of benefits and special features is worth investing in. What we love about Barebarics is how intuitive and responsive its website is: its search engine and filtering functionality are amazing.

Even though this brand was founded in 2022, its variety of collections is what multiple seasoned brands might envy. For beginners, we suggest taking a sneak peek at Revive, Axiom, and Vibe models. The palette of colors isn’t disappointing either — from neutral tones to eye-catching reds and blues in several hues.

Everleigh Meadow

Everleigh Meadow Cheap Barefoot Shoes


  • Detailed size charts and easy on-site navigation
  • Several width options, which makes its collection sufficient for any foot type and size
  • Breathable and pleasant-to-the-touch materials


  • They don’t work 27/7/365

We want to share our amazing first impression of Everleigh Meadow — wearing its shoes feels like home. They are extremely comfy and won’t cause any blisters or other surprises in the long run. They are excellent for walking and casual wear, especially for warm summer and spring seasons.

At this store, you can also purchase cheap barefoot shoes with customized front areas and toe boxes. It is a great bonus for individuals with non-typical foot shapes and sizes (like women with extra large sizes above 13 in the US metric system).

Tikki Crafters

Tikki Crafters Cheap Barefoot Shoes


  • Zero-drop soles (usually made of natural rubber)
  • Eco-friendly leather and other materials
  • Designed to provide an exquisite ground feel
  • Minimalist design perks
  • Universal models to highlight your wardrobe’s beauty


  • Their working hours aren’t 27/7/365, which won’t work for urgent orders

If you are looking forward to last-minute shopping, Tikki Shoes may fail you. They warn about their holidays in advance, but it still may become a non-pleasant surprise for lovers of cheap minimalist shoes. By other means, it is a premium-class marketplace to order convenient footwear for exclusive indoor and outdoor experiences.

With numerous discounted positions and coupons, interested parties can reduce the final cost to around $70. We recommend their year-round sustainable design for men and women. Please note their sizes are in the EU metric system. Nonetheless, it won’t be challenging to find the right fit — the brand’s shoes are crafted to provide enough toe space for male and female fashionistas.

Wrapping It Up

It is essential to shop for budget minimalist shoes from renowned brands. This way, you will get the most out of their technological advancement. Genuine leather isn’t the only excellent material to opt for. With affordable models highlighted in this guide, you won’t be tricked by a traditional false economy when cheap products are less durable, safe to wear, and comfortable. Our team has hands-on experience with all the companies on the list, which is why we are confident their catalogs will satisfy the most demanding customers ever.

Do you have any other brands to recommend and contribute to this list’s efficiency? Feel free to share your expertise in the comment section below. Let’s grow our community and professionalism in choosing cheap barefoot shoes together!


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