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Barefoot Slippers: Comfy and Homey for Any Natural Shoe Lover

No matter how comfortable slippers seem at first, the wrong choice might lead to several health-related issues — from plantar fasciitis to bunions. A charming design won’t pay you any good, especially if the target pair fits snugly and isn’t made of breathable materials.

For those seeking a suitable way out, this guide has a great answer. Take a closer look at barefoot slippers and their benefits for anyone, regardless of age or common foot conditions. Onwards!

Top Reasons to Start Wearing Barefoot Slippers at Home

Slippers are extremely comfy and will keep your feet from getting cold. In our hands-on experience, this convenience isn’t universal — that’s where several people mistake any pair of such shoes for a one-fits-all-needs design. Despite the cushioning they offer, slippers with narrow toe boxes and high volumes won’t feel right on your feet.

From this perspective, we can’t help but suggest a game-changing option — zero drop slippers. They provide all the benefits you will get from natural footwear in the format of fluffy and homey slippers for men and women. Let’s dive deeper into the impact of the right shoes on your daily life:

  • For home office workers, for instance, ensuring their comfort comes first. According to the University of Oxford study, boosting your happiness and convenience through barefoot slippers will enhance your productivity.
  • Even if you are at home, it is crucial to keep your feet warm. Natural slippers will assist in strengthening your feet and toes while reducing the risk of injuries (especially in the case of non-slipping designs). At the same time, they won’t let you feel chilly and reduce the risk of catching a cold by going completely barefoot. Keep your immune system’s response to the surrounding triggers at a high level with minimalist slippers.

The Realm of Marvelous Minimalist Slippers — Let’s Get Picky!

Luckily, there is no need to restrain yourself from choosing the best option. After checking numerous brands across markets, our team is happy to express our gratitude to plenty of manufacturers — they take exclusive barefoot footwear standards to the next level with their zero drop slippers. 

Here are some products we love the most. They have stood the test of time and will easily serve for at least a few years. We’ve included suitable models for men, women, and children. 


Vivobarefoot Slippers

These slippers visualize Mongolian house shoe traditions. They are made from wool felt and impress with their coziness and flexibility. When we tried zero drop slippers from the store, it was a second-to-none experience — immediate cloud-nine sensation once you are wearing them.


Softstar Slippers

Although the company’s price for barefoot house shoes is above average, its products are worth it. Its collection is customizable — feel free to choose the right size and width for your needs. Handcrafted in the USA, these models are made of feather-light sheepskin. Their design will blow your mind with welcoming coziness.


naBOSo Slippers

Our team loves this store for its outstanding variety of barefoot slippers for kids. Available in several sizes and colors, this collection promotes children’s self-expression and suits their active lifestyles without any toe or foot deformation risks. We also like the selection of zero drop slippers for any age, which makes naBOSo a universal shopping marketplace for parents.


Footic Slippers

Another great store to buy durable minimalist slippers stands out with its colorful and convenient models for boys and girls. Such indoor shoes are a lucrative choice for kids to spend time in kindergartens or schools — safe freedom of movement guaranteed.

Baer Shoes

Baer Slippers

This store offers traditional and minimalist slippers — be sure to select flexible and zero drop designs. Otherwise, it is a great marketplace to locate a cozy pair of slippers for women. Boost your well-being with models made of lambskin, velvet, and other durable and comfy materials like virgin wool. 

Our team likes the selection of filters this brand offers, which simplifies shopping experiences a lot. You can sort out its assortment by profile thickness, size, fit, lining, footbed, and other parameters.


Bombas Slippers

Although this store ships US orders only, it doesn’t mean the quality of its barefoot house shoes has worsened:

  • Bombas offers cost-efficient deals for first-time clients — 20% off. 
  • Given the divergence and safety of kids’ barefoot house shoes, deals like free overnight shipping or pleasant gifts before the holidays can’t help but draw more attention to the brand.

These models look handmade and seem like goodies knitted by grandmas with love. This collection offers nice zero drop slippers for toddlers and older kids aged five to eleven.

Atlantis Handmade Shoes

Atlantis Handmade Slippers

For ladies interested in handmade footwear, this store is worth visiting. It helps enthusiasts explore the variety and comfort of traditional Turkish barefoot house shoes. Aside from their straightforward elegance, such models stand out with their minimalistic charm. Compared to common alternatives, this selection comes with little to no arch support, cushioning, and other design elements to restrict your free foot movement.

Lems Shoes

Lems Slippers

If you want to experience the comfort of barefoot house shoes outdoors, this company offers a stunning deal. Its collection of male minimalist shoes is amazingly flexible and stands out with an outsole structure, made of injection-blown rubber. Such zero drop slippers are at a nice cost, but popular sizes are frequently out of stock.

Barefoot Dreams

Barefoot Dreams Slippers

Compared to other stores, its collection of zero drop slippers is limited. Nevertheless, Barefoot Dreams will be a charming marketplace to shop for universal slippers for every member of your family. Our team highly recommends this shop for people seeking gorgeous gifts for any occasion — you won’t invest a fortune in cozy goodies, take it for granted.

Wrapping It Up

Who would’ve thought choosing a nice pair of warm, safe-to-wear, plush slippers comes with advanced barefoot footwear science behind the scenes? In this guide, we’ve highlighted the importance of selecting shoes with health benefits in mind. Natural shoes are perfect for home-like experiences and sheltering your feet in the maximum comfort possible.

Share your experiences of wearing traditional vs. barefoot slippers in the comments below. Bask in the enjoyment of well-designed and aesthetically delightful slippers!


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