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Barefoot Slip-on Shoes For Your Fashionable and Health-Oriented Statement

Nowadays, footwear serves multiple purposes at once. Aside from providing the comfort of movement, your favorite shoes can also become a striking means of self-expression, revealing how trend-oriented you are. However, those seeking street-smart statements in models for men and women often forget about how they feel wearing those shoes.

If you don’t want to waste money on a beautiful apple with a rotted filling, now is the moment to discover the magnificence of barefoot slip-on shoes. Keep on reading our guide to see how advantageous this footwear is and whether it is worth the decision-making hassle. Mind the gap!

Why Choose Minimalist Slip-on Shoes?

Let’s dig into promising insights into the transition to barefoot footwear for any person, regardless of gender or age:

  • Versatility — such models are available in numerous tones, textures, and aesthetic appeals. You can find something with a sports vibe and more charming designs for urban barefoot walking. With natural slip-on shoes, you will benefit from the freedom of movement they offer.
  • Hands-free comfort — the main reason why such shoes are so attention-grabbing lies in how simple and intuitive it is to wear them. Whether you shop for sneakers or dress footwear alternatives, the slip-on fashion will satisfy your urge for perfection without quality drops.

Bohempia & Be Lenka — our top minimalist slip-on picks.

  • Affordability — since they are commonly made of breathable and lightweight materials, they aren’t expensive. Furthermore, contemporary barefoot clog layouts offer an impressive level of style, sustainability, and quality at a nice cost.

Splay Shoes — lucrative models for your budget.

  • Stylish compliment — barefoot slip-on shoes are suitable for numerous occasions. They will serve you right whether you are getting ready for an evening dinner, date night, or a casual business meeting.

Don’t forget that slip-on sneakers or other types of footwear represent exclusive standards of barefoot efficiency — foot and muscle strength growth, pain relief, natural toe splay and foot movement, better balance, and much more. Thanks to their foot-shaped designs, they are an exclusive choice for any kind of foot. We’ve experimented with how perfect the fit is for lucky owners of Egyptian, Germanic, and Roman feet types — no complaints and issues recorded.

What Brands Lead the Barefoot Slip-on Footwear Market?

We will soon answer this tricky question. Naturally, this list isn’t complete and can include other exceptional manufacturers with amazing catalogs of minimalist slip-on shoes like Groundz, Freet, Unshoes, and so on. Our team always wants to share in-depth and detailed reviews on top-quality footwear for men and women. That’s why our approach is to provide insightful analysis of the products we’ve tested individually. Enjoy!

Softstar Shoes

Softstar Slip-on


  • Non-traditional comfort and cloud-nine sensations
  • No lace-up
  • Soft leather and overall designs’ breathability and durability
  • Sleek and unusual models with a strong focus on comfort and wearer’s confidence


  • The lack of universal slip-on models

Top models:

  • Adult Roo Moccasin in Nubuck Leather  — innovative design decisions for making a step forward rather than back
  • Adult Rogue — exceptional for those interested in variations between regular width and wide width in shoes
  • Adult Ballerine Flat — gorgeous shoes for ladies who love elegant and simple decisions for any occasion

Aside from traditional barefoot clog models, the Soft Star Shoes catalog provides access to excellent manufacturing experiments. Both male and female fashionistas are welcome to play with modern barefoot slip-on shoe styles and personalize their comfort from an aesthetic perspective. We are more familiar with the brand’s adult footwear, but it won’t be a mistake to expect the same degree of customization and minimalist reliability from its models for children. No matter what, the company’s shoes are always handcrafted, leather, and mind-blowingly soft.


Leguano Slip-on


  • Detailed model descriptions, including materials, care tips, and so on
  • A nice palette of colors to choose from
  • Customer-oriented return policy


  • Few reviews on the company’s shoes on the official site
  • The website doesn’t offer an in-built English version

Top models:

  • Acasa — feel like home anywhere you go
  • Scio — the custom Leguano charm in a comfortable and chic format

If you can’t stop feeling awkward switching from traditional to barefoot shoes, the products from the Leguano store will help you divide once and for all what styles suit your comfort the most. We like how ultra-flexible its models are. They are a genuine combination of ergonomics, well-thought-out structures, and extra sensational feedback. These features altogether reveal the technical advancement of the brand and its preparedness for non-traditional experiments in terms of the practical and aesthetic appeal of slip-on footwear.

Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes Slip-on


  • A nice choice of in-stock sizes and fits
  • Natural feel and 5,000-mile sole warranty
  • 3D-views of zero drop slip on shoes


  • A bit outdated website interface

Top models:

  • Aptos Casual Hemp Canvas Slip-on — high-end elasticity, flexibility, and natural comfort for any occasion
  • Pagosa Cozy Wool-Weather Slip-on — for keeping feet warm without compromising wearing convenience for women

One of the best characteristics of the products from Xero Shoes is as simple as it sounds — you will barely feel them on your feet. This extreme comfort is something to get accustomed to, especially if you are used to wearing footwear with strong arch support and other traditional shoe features and choose the transition to another type rapidly.

In our hands-on expertise, these shoes are probably the easiest models to put on and off. You don’t have to use your hands to slip in them — a secure and comfy fit is guaranteed right away. This tandem of natural benefits has eaten a huge space in our preferences. Xero Shoes are everything needed for a minimalist feel, motion, and fit. Just check it out!

Ahinsa Shoes

Ahinsa Shoes Slip-on


  • Simple hands-free wear experiences
  • An informative healthy walking magazine with regular updates from the brand
  • Simple and fast returns and exchanges
  • International shipping of the best shoes, made with ethical and vegan standards in mind


  • A bit challenging navigation on the website
  • Minimum of search optimization filters

Top models:

  • Men’s Comfort Recycled Slip-on Sneakers — urban comfort at a nice cost
  • Women’s Barefoot Hemp Slip-on Sneakers — second-to-none for customers seeking biodegradable, durable, sustainable, and natural footwear

Its collection of zero drop slip-on shoes doesn’t account for dozens of models. Still, the presented diversity is enough for making effortless shopping choices in the twinkle of the eye. As you can guess, we like how sustainable and eco-friendly the Ahinsa Shoes brand’s production strategy is. 

The same goes for its supply chain management — have you seen how beautiful its models from recycled materials are? It is a bright illustration that being eco-conscious doesn’t require huge financial investments. At the end of the day, we can’t help but recommend its slip-on options for healthy walking they guarantee — verified by Masaryk University, by the way.


FeelGrounds Slip-on


  • Top-quality and breathable materials
  • Extremely flexible travel shoes
  • Impressive foot mobility
  • Water-repellent and vegan designs


  • Delivery delays
  • New mesh models may feel different than old versions and be less convenient for some users

Top models:

  • Droptop Luxe  — self-explanatory fashion and slip-on comfort for men

Barefoot slip-on shoes are associated with comfy and casual models. We are happy to introduce the collection of FeelGrounds to prove that expanding your knowledge base and shopping horizons is always a good idea. Modern dress shoes can be extremely convenient for the target wearer. Our team loves the brand’s approach — its on-site pictures of the designs clearly depict how smooth and healthy the experiences they provide will be.

Feel Grounds creates super flexible and light uppers with water-repellent faux leather. In turn, its production stands out with less post-manufacturing waste and more efficient creation techniques.

The only thing to consider is how to pick up the right fit. The company suggests sticking to your true size, but we should warn you that some of its models are extremely stretchy and might fit a bit loose in the long run. Although the catalog isn’t varied, it might be a refreshing change for people sick and tired of hours spent scrolling through hundreds of website pages.

Bonus Chapter: More Exceptional Zero Drop Slip on Shoes

Without further ado, here are a few more brands with customer-oriented services and magnificent models of minimalist footwear with hands-free luxury:

  • Lisbeth Joe — if you want an unprecedented slip-on experience, you can get it at this store.
  • Raum Goods — grounding and stylish barefoot slip-on shoes for ladies seeking functional and natural efficiency at a budget-friendly cost.
  • Oesh — 3D-printed models for enthusiasts seeking unusual decisions with extraordinary quality standards in mind. Approved by our team’s homebody experts.
  • Akana — what about handmade slip-on little buddies for every style and mood? Browsing through this vibrancy is a heaven-like pleasure.
  • Luks Shoes — barefoot moccasins made of high-quality and soft leather from trusted suppliers.
  • US Wilding Shoes — slip-on shoes for a cozy winter, including such layouts as the Lotus high cut slippers.
  • Lems Shoes — for those tired of sneakers, this collection presents fluffy and warm shoes for ladies and gentlemen. We especially recommend its Drifter Fur collection.
  • OzBarefoot — zero drop slip-on shoes in the entire vibrancy of colors and textures. Feel free to choose your ideal shade of Khaki, amber yellow, beige, sand, and other tones.
  • Senmotic — your premium-class service provider of dress slip-on shoes for men.

Key Factors for Selecting the Best Barefoot Slip-on Shoes

If you don’t know how to get started, seeking professional assistance isn’t the reason to feel incompetent or ashamed. On the contrary, accepting third-party help will gradually boost your expertise and let you make well-thought-out decisions.

For those wondering how not to get lost amongst thousands of barefoot clog models, here are must-have characteristics to focus on:

  • Lightweight — we recommend checking what materials the manufacturer prefers to produce this or that pair. Stick to offers made of soft leather, knit, or thin rubber. That’s how you will ensure the impressive packable and storable convenience and agility of slip-on footwear.
  • Secure fit — it is important to keep the balance between how easy it is to slip in and how reliable they are in the prevention of other slippage scenarios. Our team suggests designs featuring a seamless collar and a pretty snug heel. Please don’t get it wrong — there is no need for strong arch and heel support.
  • Stretchy upper — it is better to consider stretching materials like synthetic options and those made of soft and thin leather. That’s when the glove-lit and foot-shaped fit will feel natural and comfortable.
  • Must-have barefoot features — if you see options without zero-drop, thin sole, and wide-toe box aspects altogether, keep on searching for the perfect match. Thank you, next!

Make your shopping experience easier. Your market research shouldn’t include all the best features at the same time, including waterproof designs, models made of recycled materials, and so on. You can afford to be picky thanks to the variety of minimalist slip-on shoes in the industry, but that doesn’t mean the brand without custom deals will be able to satisfy the most bizarre requirements you might have. By following the list above, you will ensure the lasting nature of the target pair of super-lightweight and comfortable footwear for cloud-like walking and running.

Wrapping It Up

Make yourself close to enhanced posture, confident outfit choices, and successful fashion statements at an affordable price. The secret is simple — all you need is to rely on our team’s hands-on experience and test the efficiency of barefoot slip-on shoes in practice. 

You won’t lose anything by sticking to this guide’s suggestions. On the contrary, it is a marvelous chance to obtain a nice pair of shoes that will survive different conditions and become your shield against exhaustion and discomfort after days spent in the chosen footwear.

Solve the puzzle of everyday shoewear without difficulty with the luxurious hands-free journey minimalist slip-on cog and other designs present. What are your thoughts on what makes the best slip-on footwear for him and her? Let’s discuss your tactics in the comment section.


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