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Barefoot Sandals for Him and Her: Supercharge Your Daily Comfort

One, two, three, what are the best shoes for the summer holidays? If barefoot sandals pop up first in your mind, congratulations — you know how to achieve freedom of movement on any occasion. If not, we welcome you to this unique journey to discover why the love and passion for minimalist sandals is passed down through generations.

Of course, we will also provide insights into several exclusive marketplaces to find a perfect pair for your needs. Mind the gap!

The Secret Behind the Summer Sandals’ Popularity

From a vantage standpoint, sandals are pretty simple to produce. Take the main ingredients, i.e. a sole, midsole, insole, strap, and Bob’s your uncle — a great pair of shoes is ready. In practice, the history and potential of this footwear is more impressive than it might seem at first:

  • They are the pioneer shoes around the globe and the oldest ones to be directly dated (check the story of Great Basin Sandals).
  • Their functionality doesn’t boil down to warm-weather activities only. They will work for leisurely walks, running, hiking, and other outing ideas.

Opting for barefoot sandals will provide you with several privileges. Let’s consider the deliverables of your short-term and long-term experience in such shoes:

#1. Foot Freedom

One of the best aspects is that barefoot sandals don’t cause any foot movement constraints. This sensation of freedom is enjoyable during recreational and information activities. In our hands-on experience, the feeling of how you can easily move your toes and relax your foot is the best.

#2. Style Divergence

Despite the structural simplicity of womens and mens barefoot sandals, modern brands have come up with advanced ways to improve their quality. This technological progress varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but one thing is for sure — female, male, children’s, and neutral designs are there to help you express yourself within your budget.

#3. Compactness

Sandals don’t require a lot of space and are easy to store. In the case of minimalist solutions, their flexibility is taken to the next level — you can even roll them.

#4. Quick Drying

A lot of models stand out in terms of their wear and tear resistance, as well as water resistance or even waterproof characteristics. In turn, such solutions are easy to maintain and clean. They are perfect for any adventure time outdoors, including messy environments with high humidity.

#5. Foot Health

Minimalist sandals don’t just mimic the shape of your foot. No matter what type of footwear we’ve tried on so far, the label “natural” or “barefoot” automatically signifies its unprecedented quality:

  • minimized risk of injuries and developing foot conditions like bunions;
  • better body balance;
  • positive effects on foot, toe, and overall body strength;
  • better weight distribution during walking and other physical activities;
  • greater sensational response;
  • ease of wearing;
  • reduced discomfort risks;
  • zero drop reliability;
  • wide toe boxes for natural toe splay;
  • reduced sweating and swelling.

Adventure Summer Sandals and Not Only: Our Choice for Barefoot Experiences

Mistakes when choosing sandals
Mistakes when choosing sandals

Foot-shaped, flexible, thin, and flat — if a brand’s design and production strategy doesn’t comply with these standards at least, it won’t be a part of our ranking. We analyze minimalist sandals based on their barefoot quality and longevity. Our team also considers the overall shopping experience to ensure you will find the right model at the best marketplace possible.

In our practice, several companies focus on universal goodies — they just differ in size. With wide toe boxes and zero drop designs, barefoot sandals may work for male and female biomechanics. However, for those seeking more personalized journeys, it is still better to stick to mens barefoot sandals and analogous versions for women.

1. Ahinsa Slip-on Sandals

Ahinsa Slip-on Sandals


  • Ethical Choice: Ahinsa sandals are made from vegan materials, promoting non-violence (ahimsa) towards animals.
  • Sustainable: They reduce environmental impact with their eco-friendly materials and durable design.


  • Price: They may be more expensive than non-vegan alternatives due to their ethical and sustainable production.

This is a more sustainable and healthy alternative to Birkenstocks. Ahinsa slip-on sandals embody the principle of non-violence (ahimsa) with their vegan materials and sustainable design. They offer comfort and durability, crafted in various styles and colors for everyday wear. By choosing Ahinsa sandals, individuals support ethical fashion and reduce environmental impact, making a statement for conscious consumerism and respect for all beings.

2. Earth Runners

Earth Runners Sandals


  • Responsive ground feedback
  • Award-winning barefoot designs for multiple experiences
  • Made in the USA
  • Vegan-friendly models
  • Waterproof sandals with impressive durability


  • A limited collection of natural sandals

Let’s simplify your navigation on the site. Unlike other platforms, the Earth Runners store doesn’t have a separate page for every model on the list. Crafted with Vibram soles, they are ready for any challenge. Instead, you will find several categories of children’s and mens barefoot sandals:

  • The Children’s Minimalist Sandals collection includes tribal, cloud, charcoal-lite, grey, and other versions of zero drop footwear.
  • Alpha Sandals are available in canyon-clay, sunset, khaki, and other designs.

Top models:

  • Primal Sandals in carbon — the classic satisfaction for lovers of minimalist products.
  • Chronos Sandals — extremely flexible solutions with durable Walkbase soles.

3. Unshoes

Unshoes Sandals


  • Handmade in the USA
  • Printable and shareable size templates are available
  • Free returns and hassle-free exchanges
  • Custom zero drop sandal production for any demand


  • Their size charts don’t offer more detailed information about the correlation between the target size and the model’s width

For those seeking efficient shopping experiences, Unshoes will be the right choice. You will be able to select barefoot sandals for every member of your family, regardless of their age. These designs are sleek and have caught our eyes with sleek and minimalist elements. The brand presents a nice palette of lace colors, which highlights the personalization capacity of the Unshoes collections.

We wouldn’t suggest such models for hiking — there are more specialized alternatives in the market. The sizes provided are in the EU tradition, so please be attentive to your measuring and result analysis tactics. By other means, it can be an ideal pair of shoes for him and her.

Top models:

  • Children’s Keota — a lovely gift for an active child, backing up their healthy foot development.
  • Wokova Feather — sufficient for running, training, and climbing.

4. Bedrock Sandals

Bedrock Sandals


  • Suitable and warm for cool weather conditions and messy environments
  • Quick dry
  • Mountain-capable designs
  • All-terrain functionality


  • Just a few designs with a focus on minimalist designs and natural shoe benefits

We appreciate the durability of these summer footwear from Bedrock Sandals. Despite the minimal assortment of designs, this brand surpasses numerous competitors with its technological stack. These zero drop sandals can survive any challenge — we’ve tested their efficiency during campfire adventures, routing through mountain terrain, and passing through rivers and muddy areas.

The only thing is that this collection of minimalist sandals lacks extra wide toe box models. We would love to own one, but it is just us being picky. This store allows enthusiasts to check and compare their selection of footwear designs and helps them choose the best product.

Top models:

  • Mountain Clog — a unique concept that combines the comfort of flip-flops with traditional closed toe box shoes.
  • Cairn Adventure Sandals — thousands of positive testimonials on the website.

5. Be Lenka Sandals

Be Lenka Sandals


  • Comfort: They provide excellent ergonomic support and cushioning, making them comfortable for long periods of wear.
  • Minimalist Design: Their sleek and minimalist aesthetic appeals to those who prefer simplicity in footwear.


  • Availability: Depending on location, Be Lenka sandals may not be as widely accessible as mainstream brands.

Be Lenka sandals are celebrated for their minimalist design and sustainability. Made from natural materials like leather and hemp, they offer durability and breathability while minimizing environmental impact. These sandals prioritize comfort with ergonomic support and cushioning, suitable for extended wear. Be Lenka caters to diverse tastes in various styles, from casual to elegant. They uphold ethical production standards, emphasizing fair labor practices and ethical material sourcing, appealing to conscientious consumers seeking both style and sustainability in footwear.

6. Luna Sandals

Luna Sandals


  • Revolutionary designs for challenging adventures
  • Featured on National Geographic, Outside, and GQ
  • Out-of-the-worldly mobility and ground feel
  • Vibram mega grip for any terrain
  • Customizable designs from footbeds to laces and shades


  • Pretty fast delivery within the US, but more demanding shipping terms and conditions for international orders

What distinguishes Luna Sandals from other brands is its MoonRock Guarantee. It covers the cost of returning shoes with manufacturing defects, so be careful to check the quality of the product right after delivery. This risk-free experience becomes even more superior once you see the state-of-the-art production in real life.

These USA-made zero drop sandals come in two main styles — sports and casual elegance. We love both, but the company’s lifestyle designs are our favorite. The search engine potential could be higher. Still, the categorization of products is decent, which lets customers locate the right pair in a matter of minutes.

Top models:

  • USA Roots Builder — age-old design inspiration with a modern charm.
  • Mono Winged Edition — the men’s and women’s all-time bestseller.

7. Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes Sandals


  • Sole warranty
  • Exclusive sports sandals in the best barefoot tradition
  • Featured on Self, Forbes, Runner’s World, Women’s Health, and other credible sources (including our guide)
  • Multifunctional designs for yoga, traveling, running, gym use, and so on


  • Be sure to choose the right shop, depending on your location — there are USA-based and EU-headquartered offices

Although Xero Shoes won’t impress you with the quantity parameter, its quality is remarkable. From a functional perspective, it is probably one of the best barefoot sandal stores in the market. We love their excellent minimalist designs for men and women, letting them lead whatever lifestyle they want. Contrary to numerous competitors, this brand presents models that are suitable for safe and secure recovery after injuries as well.

These zero-drop sandals come in neutral and bright colors. Our team also recommends Zero Shoes for first-time buyers — its 360-degree view on flip-flops is unrivaled.

Top models:

  • Z-Trail EV — a stunning combination of affordability, efficiency, and feather-light comfort.
  • Aqua Cloud — walking like floating in such a super-lightweight pair of zero drop sandals.

8. Softstar Camino Sandals

Softstar Camino Sandals


  • Comfortable Fit: The high-quality leather straps mold to the shape of your foot over time, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit.
  • Lightweight: Ideal for travel and long periods of wear, as they are light and easy to carry.


  • Break-in Period: The leather straps may require a break-in period to soften and mold to your feet.

One of the best alternatives to Birkenstocks. Softstar Camino Sandals blend simplicity, comfort, and durability. Featuring a minimalist design with high-quality leather straps, they ensure a comfortable fit that molds to the foot over time. The flexible footbed supports natural movement, promoting better posture and reducing fatigue. Lightweight and eco-friendly, these sandals are versatile and suitable for casual or formal wear. Easy to slip on and off, they provide a natural walking experience, making them a stylish and practical choice for any occasion.

9. Soulmate Sandals

Soulmate Sandals


  • Casual aesthetics
  • Focus on customization and personalization in construction and design
  • Replaceable barefoot sandal laces
  • Handcrafted models for any taste
  • In-built order tracking tools


  • No return/exchange conditions on the site

The collection of barefoot sandals from this brand is aesthetically exceptional. We do love how they function, providing better balance and sensory input, but Soulmate Sandals have blown our minds with attention to detail and custom models.

This manufacturer doesn’t leave too much “white” space — natural footbeds highlight the connection between nature and the way people should walk. All those images of plants and animals are stunning. The variety of vegan options doesn’t seem surprising at all. Every model will satisfy your need for durable soles, barefoot comfort, adjustable straps, and breathable upper materials.

Top models:

  • Soulmate FE90 — marvelous for earthen and asphalt floors.
  • Soulmate VE11 — the vegan luxury with advanced production technologies, including the Vibram Newflex outsole.

10. Panta Sandals

Panta Sandals


  • Detailed instructions on how to choose the right size
  • True-to-the-size fit
  • Neutral designs for ladies, gentlemen, and kids
  • Durable trail sandals with barefoot comfort


  • A limited collection of barefoot sandals

Toe straps are easy to put on. They are pleasant to touch and won’t harm even the tender skin of children. Technologies such as Vibram SuperNeflex soles are the brand’s attraction — it is simple to fall in love with its guarantee of divine comfort.

If you don’t see the right fit among the options on the site, Panta Sandals will gladly produce a custom version for an extra $20. The company’s customer support team is super friendly and will discuss all the details. We like the data-driven tactics of the crew — it analyzes real photos of customers’ feet and stays in touch.

Top models:

  • Lykaios — perfect lovers of leather footbed aesthetics and sustainable products.
  • Parnosas — radiant colors in the extremely flexible foot-shaped silhouette.
  • Samos — all-round perfection for people leading dynamic lifestyles.

11. Shamma Sandals

Shamma Sandals


  • Seasonal collection updates
  • Holiday discounts and sales
  • Informative zero drop sandal sizing charts with downloadable and printable templates
  • Ultragrip construction


  • Lacks personalizable designs of women’s and mens barefoot sandals

The company’s sizing guide is pretty intuitive. It doesn’t include the width measurement per size, but its templates solve the problem. Even if you don’t check Shamma Sandals’ assortment, this section on the site reveals the variety of natural shoes on their own — great divergence of styles and colors for kids, women, and men.

Our team appreciates the company’s contribution to its customer awareness of the benefits minimalist sandals offer. For example, its Guide to Foot Freedom is a nice introduction to compliment your acquaintance with the brand, its values, and its mission. We like the ability to choose from leather and Ultragrip-advanced footbeds without compromising the overall design’s lightweightness.

Top models:

  • Chargers — affordable solutions to celebrate your transition to the world of comfortable and healthy walking.
  • Mountain Goats — as the name implies, it is a gorgeous opportunity to experience the freedom of movement without “stuffing” your feet in closed toe box shoes. 

12. Zaqq

Zaqq Sandals


  • Hand-stitched design elements
  • Breathable and open-pored leather
  • Ultra-flexible foot-shaped models for him and her
  • Stunning for effectively handling sore feet and those with blisters.


  • A pretty complicated on-site navigation for end users

Zaqq isn’t a specialist in barefoot sandals only — it comes in handy to explore the variety of minimalist footwear standards for any enthusiast. These natural shoes from Germany are extremely sustainable and guarantee toe freedom and foot strength.

We want to recommend this selection of natural sandals for people interested in elegant and eye-catching solutions for everyday or casual wear. Our team has been purchasing its goodies for a few years already, which proves their high-end durability and efficiency.

Top models:

  • ALAQ Black — rolling them up won’t harm their structural integrity a bit.
  • BLINQ Dark Blue — a sample of flip-flop elegance for children and ladies

13. Wildsole Sandals

Wildsole Sandals


  • A wide range of sizes
  • Custom sizing for a perfect grip and fit at your fingertips
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • Zero drop standards of natural shoes
  • Vegan-friendly performance


  • It might take time for the website to upload and qualitatively display all the data on the page

Thanks to the brand’s attention to detail and the appliance of slip-resistant and extremely durable footbeds and soles, its women’s and mens barefoot sandals are created with enduring challenges in mind. You are welcome to select any color you find aesthetically pleasing. Pink, emerald, orange, and navy shades, to mention a few, diversify a classic kingdom of black. 

What’s more, several models come with two kinds of sole thickness. While it is a good idea to simplify beginner transition, it also helps you be more adaptable to terrain and environmental specifications.

Top models:

  • LYNX — awesome and affordable solutions for people who love comfort, no matter how active they are.
  • HARE — for those interested in the best sensory feedback.

14. Happy Little Soles

Happy Little Soles


  • Barefoot sandals for children
  • Exclusive designs with bright accents for boys and girls
  • Different types and styles of laces
  • Customer-friendly loyalty scheme
  • Informative advice hub


  • A bit of tricky navigation on the site

Explore the best sandals from top-notch manufacturers in one place. That’s the genuine nature of Happy Little Soles. Despite its title, its catalog is rich in barefoot sandals for people of any age. This store presents a bunch of bright colors, thin soles, zero drop ideals, and other features under the same roof — no need to keep surfing on dozens of platforms for the sake of one perfect pair of shoes.

Our team finds the company’s approach super convenient and effective. Not only does it advertise bestselling designs from third parties, but it also streamlines shopping experiences for end users.

Top models:

  • Be Lenka Flexi Sandals — stylish foot-shaped products made of comfortable and extra-breathable materials.
  • Bobus SU Cross JUmp Sandal Rose — an affordable option for any little fashionista.

15. Toetem Sandals

Toetem Sandals


  • Versatile Styles: Available in various designs from casual flip-flops to stylish gladiator sandals, catering to different preferences and occasions.
  • Ethical Production: Toetem emphasizes fair labor practices and responsible material sourcing, appealing to ethically-minded consumers.


  • Style Limitations: While versatile, the range of styles may not cater to every fashion preference.

Toetem sandals are known for their stylish, comfortable, and sustainable design. Made from eco-friendly materials like recycled plastics and organic cotton, they prioritize comfort with ergonomic footbeds and supportive straps. Available in versatile styles, from casual flip-flops to elegant gladiator sandals, Toetem ensures durability and ethical production practices, appealing to conscientious consumers seeking eco-friendly footwear options.

16. Dwarves Shoes

Dwarves Shoes Sandals


  • Stylish sandals
  • Mesmerizing features collections for male and female fashionistas
  • Affordable price tags
  • A nice palette of styles and colors


  • Time-consuming shopping because of the fusion of barefoot and traditional sandals on the same page

Dwarves Shoes will be your number-one choice if you love fashion experiments tailored to barefoot shoe principles. Frankly speaking, this catalog can make you feel lost — so many unique and custom designs. Along with flats and minimalist sandals, it offers an amazing palette of boots, loafers, slippers, sneakers, and other kinds of footwear.

Its work with leather is remarkable, especially when it comes to casualwear projects. Their products strive to get a higher degree of visual sophistication, which is an exquisite solution for ladies. Just check its zero drop designs for her — it is the ultimate guide to how to style things qualitatively and beautifully for women.

Top models:

  • Handmade Leather Gladiator Sandals — an adorable choice to match fancy dresses and outfits with jeans.
  • Handmade Retro Leather Lace Up Sandals — summer sandals, made of genuine leather and following the best practice of retro and Japanese style fusion.

Bonus Chapter

17. Chala Sandals

Chala Sandals
  • EU 36 – 49
  • They come in two widths and are crafted from premium smooth or suede leather sourced from Black Forest farms.

18. Deliberate Life Designs Sandals

Deliberate Life Designs Sandals
  • US 7– 16
  • This sandal is built for long-term abuse on the trails (just even more so).

19. Nallu Sandals

Nallu Sandals
  • EU 35– 48
  • Universal minimalistic summer sandals.

20. Peracles Ataraxia Sandals

Peracles Sandals
  • AU 5– 13
  • Ataraxia is the bare minimum environmentally friendly sandal.

21. Wildling Sandals

Wildling Sandals
  • EU 36– 48
  • The sandal’s upper is made of durable microfiber, which protects the foot while giving it as much freedom of movement as possible.

22. Zazu Flow Bronze Sandals

Zazu Flow Bronze Sandals
  • EU 36– 47
  • They provide a comfy and natural feeling, light cushioning, and wild style.


How do I choose the right size for zero drop sandals?

Measure the width and length of your feet. If you don’t feel confident transitioning from traditional to minimalist designs right away, we suggest so-called intermediary natural shoes with a small level of support. In any case, the sandal’s strap has to guarantee a snug fit, regardless of its construction. What’s more, the best fit provides enough room for your toes to move freely.

How should I maintain my summer sandals to keep them in good condition?

Renowned brands provide their custom rules of care, which suit the target material and construction the most. In a nutshell, regular cleaning with water and mild soap will be sufficient. If you enjoy hiking or walking in messy environments, don’t hesitate to use a soft brush to remove all the debris and dirt. In the best-case scenario, it is advantageous to own a few pairs and avoid wearing the same pair for weeks. This way, you will extend your favorite barefoot sandals’ life cycle.

Can I wear minimalist sandals if I suffer from some foot conditions?

Natural shoes won’t be a panacea, but their positive influence on ankle and foot strength can help you relieve painful sensations and improve your strength and confidence during walking, running, and other physical activities. Of course, cooperating with a healthcare practitioner comes first.

Final Thoughts: Are Barefoot Sandals for Everyone?

At the end of the day, our conclusion about the quality and comfort of minimalist shoes remains the same — this type of footwear is worth it. We have successfully changed our wardrobe and can’t help but recommend natural sandals for men, women, and kids since we’ve seen how they work from a long-term perspective. 

You don’t have to wait for the moment when you can take your uncomfortable and heavy shoes on. Whether you are hiking or having fun at a barbecue party, wearing barefoot sandals will bring you cloud nine.

Have you ever tried minimalist sandals or other natural shoes? What brands would you like us to check next? Share your thoughts and experiences below.


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