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Our team is keen on preparing informative and in-depth reviews of minimalist shoes based on facts and hands-on experiences. Although we are a young team of enthusiasts and lovers of comfy and healthy shoes, it is challenging not to be inspired and motivated when seeing such positive feedback from our readers and supporters.

We run, walk, work, and travel in barefoot footwear. It can become your professional gear to conquer new hiking routes or let you feel like wearing comfy slippers in the office thanks to how it leaves enough room for a natural toe splay and free foot movement. We love our job, and you can see our sincerity and expertise through our texts and other formats of interaction with you, guys. Our testing program helps us define the quality of natural shoes and see their strengths and weaknesses in detail.

Want to know how efficient this or that brand is? Check our article archives.  Our experts will ensure to put your needs first and make the presented content even more inclusive and captivating.

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