Barefoot Shoe Brands: What Minimalist Shoe Companies Will Support Your Foot Health?

Custom orthotics and athletic shoes are the most common terms you may have encountered when trying to find a perfect pair for foot health. But what if there is another path? The answer is easy for those interested in mobility and comfort achieved through the right footwear: barefoot shoe brands’ goodies.

Also known as minimalist and natural, these models are the opposite of pointed-toe and narrow-wide products that aren’t flat and come with platforms. Instead, they are zero-drop, wide-toe-boxed, flexible, and foot-shaped — all you need for your foot strength and endurance. Just check them out!

Barefoot Brands

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Best Overall Barefoot Shoe Brands

1. Xero Shoes

At Xero Shoes, you will locate rich collections of children’s, women’s, and men’s shoes — low-to-the-ground designs for any terrain. Xero Shoes is one of the most popular brands on the list, standing out with a 5,000-mile sole warranty, secure grip and fit with Huarache instep and reflective heel straps, Feel the World rubber for natural bending and movement, easy to put on and off, and much more. Hundreds of reviews per model will guide you on the site.

Available Sizes:30 to 48
Pricing:from $20 to $150
Returns:Within 45 days

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2. Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot offers something more than a stunning collection of lifestyle shoes. Here you will be able to support your interests and introduce more secure walking with high-end ground feedback to your daily routine. Although you can also find these products on third-party retailer marketplaces, shopping at the manufacturer’s website comes with unique incentives for loyal customers. Compared to other zero-drop shoe brands, Vivobarefoot stands out with its products for trail and road running, as well as training.

Available Sizes:20 to 49
Pricing:from $75 to $250
Returns:Within 100 days

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3. Groundies

Our team loves this barefoot shoe brand for its designs with wide toe boxes. It is a genuine pleasure to spend hours in its Chelsea boots or comfy shoes like sneakers. With thin and flexible soles, the company’s name is self-explanatory — Groundies will prove their worth for people who want to maintain their connection with their surroundings and enjoy different ground textures and structured barefoot.

Available Sizes:36 to 48
Pricing:from $75 to $150
Returns:Within 30 days

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4. Lems Shoes

The brand’s philosophy and passion are something worth admiring — these enthusiasts will never stop implementing more innovative features to their zero-drop, wide-toe-box, and versatile collection of barefoot shoes. While some of the company’s models aren’t 100% barefoot (with a little spring, for instance), it makes them nice solutions for people who want to switch from regular to minimalist footwear.

Available Sizes:34 to 49
Pricing:from $75 to $150
Returns:Within 30 days

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5. Be Lenka

The beauty of the BeLenka production approach is that it works on its collections’ performance and aesthetics to the full. These foot-shaped models will help your feet feel as comfy as possible and move freely. They promote a healthy posture and strengthened foot muscles due to 100% toe freedom in wide-toe-box and zero-drop shoes. Embrace natural walking with BeLenka!

Available Sizes:25 to 48
Pricing:from $75 to $250
Returns:Within 14 days

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6. Softstar Shoes

From flats to sneakers, Softstar Shoes’ USA-based production is highly appreciated for its exceptional barefoot manufacturing and engineering. Not only are its models customizable and hand-crafted, but they are also zero-drop, wide-narrow-boxed, breathable, and multiple-terrain-friendly. Help your feet be happy and improve your overall well-being with thought-out styles from Softstar Shoes! Enjoy the brand’s free shipping services.

Available Sizes:16 to 54
Pricing:from $75 to $150
Returns:Within 45 days

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7. Baer Shoes

Fair two-feet comfort is an award from the Baer Shoes brand you can get at an affordable price. This unique wearing experience will be full of gratitude moments for its shoes. Enjoy their flexible zero-heel designs for barefoot comfort and an impressive variety of designs and purposes. The high-quality materials chosen are suitable for multiple terrains. Its wide-toe-boxed models guarantee zero squeezing sensations.

Available Sizes:34 to 51
Pricing:from $100 to $300
Returns:Within 30 days

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8. Saguaro

Unlock the power of minimalist shoes for men, women, and children with Saguaro! Its collections guarantee high-end ground grip and stand out with zero-drop models made of sustainable yet durable materials — a reduced environmental footprint, overall. These goodies will work for any purpose — a perfect choice for climbing, running, walking, fitness, professional sports, and more. With prices starting at $30, non-slip and ultra-thin soles embrace spacious movement and comfort on every terrain.

Available Sizes:24 to 44
Pricing:from $30 to $130
Returns:Within 30 days

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Best Brands of Cheap Barefoot Footwear

9. Splay Shoes

The secret of Splay Shoes is simple — they provide customers with what they are paying for and even more. At such affordable prices, you will obtain a multifunctional product that will work for office dress codes and casual outings with your friends. We especially recommend the brand’s Freestyle Leather collection. Whether you opt for black or white, it will work glamorously for women and men.

Available Sizes:24 to 47
Pricing:from $20 to $100
Returns:Within 30 days

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10. Whitin

You can find this product on Amazon and ensure your package will be safely delivered to your location. These barefoot shoes provide a great balance between movement efficiency and stability. Despite they come without features like arch support, they fit on your feet properly and allow for a reliable grip with no slippage trouble. At Whitin, enthusiasts will get plenty of athletic shoes at affordable prices.

Available Sizes:36 to 47
Pricing:from $20 to $75
Returns:Amazon Prime

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11. Unshoes

Overall, Unshoes sells closed-toe casual shoes for women, as well as sandals. Most of their products are below $100 per pair. Handmade goodies with buttery-soft leather and other materials come with ultra-thine soles. Their models are rather simple yet good-looking. You won’t get advanced features like waterproof surfaces or a huge assortment of boots, sneakers, and flats. Nonetheless, this store offers affordable and elegant shoes for everyday wear and barefoot comfort.

Available Sizes:21 to 47
Pricing:from $20 to $150
Returns:Within 30 days

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12. Ballop

Trip-free walking and eco-conscious engineering aren’t the only reasons to check the production techniques of the Ballop company. Smooth and unhindered walking and running experiences are guaranteed. The reduced risk of tripping or getting traumas — these models offer secure lock systems, anti-slip outsoles, and water-repellent surfaces. Extended footbeds with wide toe boxes also amaze with natural thermal isolation and easy maintenance rules.

Available Sizes:25 to 46
Pricing:from $25 to $150
Returns:Within 14 days

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Best Brands of Extra Wide Natural Footwear

13. FeelGrounds

If you love classic designs with a new charm, FeelGrounds will become a shopping paradise for you. You can choose the right size in an appropriate metric system, be it EU, US, or UK. We also love how many waterproof options this manufacturer offers. Vegan, waterproof, and suitable for any terrain and environment — our team is happy to recommend this brand to customers who love traditional fashion with innovative technologies to support their foot health.

Available Sizes:24 to 49
Pricing:from $75 to $150
Returns:Within 30 days

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14. Bohempia

Without a doubt, this barefoot shoe brand is a genuine ambassador of orthopedic health at affordable prices. Its shoes can help you walk all day without wanting to throw your shoes away even if you have faced issues like ankle instability, bunions, or plantar fasciitis. Sustainable vegan materials that are moisture-resistant, antimicrobial, breathable, and durable do make a difference.

Available Sizes:36 to 47
Pricing:from $75 to $150
Returns:Within 14 days

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15. Freet Barefoot

Seasons would change, but the models from the Freet brand’s collection will last. With water-resistant and durable materials, such shoes are a perfect partner for any adventure time. From everyday casual minimalist footwear to alternatives for running and hiking, these foot-shaped designs stand out with flexible and wide-toe-box uppers and sustainable manufacturing. They are expert-approved and can help improve foot function.

Available Sizes:29 to 49
Pricing:from $75 to $150
Returns:Within 21 days
Сountry:United Kingdom

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16. Feelmax

This brand will also help you get a nice minimalist footwear design with smart choices for additional protection for your feet and ankles on different terrains. Although these designs aren’t fancy, they visualize coziness and comfort. Its sustainable practices introduce dual-density outsoles (like Ecorubber and NatuRun Sierra), durable materials (knitted polyester and SympaTex waterproofing membranes), and so on. Its outsoles aren’t super thin, but they provide you with a nice grip and ground feel.

Available Sizes:22 to 48
Pricing:from $75 to $150
Returns:Within 14 days

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17. Magical Shoes

This brand will be an excellent sponsor of year-round shoes for your wardrobe. True-to-size fits and shoes that can easily roll up aren’t the only benefits of these styles for men and women. That’s where comfort meets elegance and quality — zero-drop designs made of breathable microfiber or vegetable-tanned leather with a suede finish are great for maintaining the right thermal regimen for fall and winter walks. They also don’t stiffen your foot and allow for free movement without excessive support and cushioning.

Available Sizes:18 to 47
Pricing:from $20 to $150
Returns:Within 30 days

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18. Mukishoes

With the latest barefoot engineering tactics from Portugal, Mukishoes is famous for its locally sourced materials and foot-shaped and lightweight models, as well as ensuring the freedom of movement in every model. Its designs for kids are excellent in embracing natural foot growth and development. Compatible with waterproofing sprays, these shoes are traditionally vegan, flexible, and handcrafted. You will locate products made of hemp with nature-inspired prints.

Available Sizes:24 to 48
Pricing:from $80 to $200
Returns:Within 14 days

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Best Brands of Minimalist Sandals

19. Earth Runners

This sponsor of sandals won’t deliver any regular pair you could have found locally. Its products are expert-approved and adventure-worthy earthing shoes to improve ground feedback, foot strength, and mobility. Made in the USA with vegan-friendly practices and organic textiles, they come with ergonomic and secure laces, Vibram outsoles, and lasting footbed designs. Don’t underestimate their fit on your foot — laces are multilayered and include stainless steel fibers for more efficiency.

Available Sizes:30 to 48
Pricing:from $20 to $150
Returns:Within 30 days

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20. Luna Sandals

Our team loves its products suitable for active travels and other adventures outdoors — from playing sports at the beach to hiking and trails. Don’t be surprised to see someone wearing socks and sandals at the same time — no reason to let fashion stereotypes threaten your comfort. With Vibram soles, no excessive design elements, and reliable closures, these models guarantee a ground-breaking grip. Since we’ve been wearing Luna Sandals for a couple of years, we see what catches the attention of the likes like National Geographic and TED.

Available Sizes:30 to 48
Pricing:from $75 to $150
Returns:Within 60 days

Luna Sandals in our reviews

21. Bedrock Sandals

This company’s designs are adventurous and come in handy for seekers of minimalist walking and running challenges. Their exceptional durability, flexibility, and traction are backed up with zero-drop and responsive layouts, Vibram Megagrip outsole, abrasion-proof wings, custom hook-and-loop closures, and 3D toe-triangle constructions. That’s how you offer unparalleled comfort during rips on different trails and paths. Enjoy patented Evo 3D Pro designs.

Available Sizes:35 to 48
Pricing:from $75 to $150
Returns:Within 30 days

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22. Zaqq

Anti-slip designs of the Zaqq natural shoe brand aren’t the only benefit of transitioning to barefoot models. These solutions are an exquisite form of support to your mobility and natural movements — they will help you regain and train your muscles, preventing discomfort in knees, ankles, etc. They are also ultra-lightweight, sustainable and hand-crafted. Minimal sole abrasion and great ground feedback are all yours.

Available Sizes:37 to 48
Pricing:from $150 to $350
Returns:Within 20 days

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Bonus Chapter: More Minimalist Barefoot Shoes Brands

Shapen Barefoot

Rewind your wardrobe’s styling with comfy and minimalist models from Shapen — their fusion of retro and contemporary vibes will steal your heart. High-quality and certified materials are a great bonus.

Shapen Barefoot in our reviews

Ahinsa Shoes

Created by professional physiotherapists, these designs for men and women are what you will love wearing daily and for any occasion — durable and thin outsoles, spacious toe boxes, and zero-drop layouts at your disposal.

Ahinsa Shoes in our reviews

Koel Shoes

This brand is a sponsor of barefoot shoes for children of any age — from toddlers to teenagers. It stands out in terms of quality — waterproof elements, secure straps, flat soles, antislip designs, and more.

Koel Shoes in our reviews


Its shoe-making tradition is empowered by the latest technologies and in-depth knowledge — a perfect combo for foot-health-oriented products. These hand-crafted designs from Slovenia introduce natural movement and toe freedom.

Proalp in our reviews


This brand is the number one producer of combat, athletic field, and military boots. Since 1904, its manufacturing practices have proven that well-thought-out designs can help you walk mile after mile without ruining your foot health.

Belleville in our reviews


Vibram outsoles have become a huge contribution to other brands’ engineering techniques, while its unparalleled minimalist five-toe shoes are its genuine attraction — great breathability and lightweightness.

Vibram in our reviews

LEX Barefoot Shoes

LEX models will come in handy to support natural foot development and growth for kids with no foot-condition risks — easy to put on and off, flexible soles, wide-toe boxes, and other perks.

LEX in our reviews

Alpine Trek

No need to surf through the best minimalist barefoot brands manually anymore — Alpine Trek is an all-in-one marketplace. It offers easy access to models from Ballop, Xero Shoes, Merrell, etc.

Alpine Trek in our reviews


These expert-approved models will work perfectly for people suffering from such foot conditions as foot pain, overpronation, plantar fasciitis, ankle discomfort, etc. thanks to its wide-toe-boxed, foot-shaped, and orthopedic styles.

Stunahome in our reviews

Tikki Shoes

These minimalist shoes for adults and kids offer a whole bunch of barefoot benefits at affordable prices — no stiffeners and zero support for proper foot function, wide toe boxes for natural toe display, and so on.

Tikki Shoes in our reviews

Wrapping It Up

While it is crucial to understand how to distinguish traditional from barefoot footwear, it isn’t any less important to find out your best barefoot shoe brands — that’s how you will simplify the search for an ideal pair for any occasion. In our hands-on experience, narrowing down the list of your priorities comes first. This strategy will help you realize what shoe characteristics you are looking for and what brands’ services can cater to your expectations.

All in all, the divergence of minimalist shoe brands is truly remarkable. From Vivobarefoot and Groundies to the likes of Luna Sandals, these manufacturers are capable of introducing new natural shoe standards and offering custom-made products at the same time. Zero-drop, wide-toe-box, flat, flexible, and lightweight — such shoes will work for casual walking, running, and hiking.

What other barefoot shoe brands wouldn’t you mind including in the list? Let’s expand this global network more with exclusive solutions!


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